The volume of freight transport on roads has grown steadily over the years and is expected to increase significantly over the next decade.  From the point of view of a road operator, this will lead to accelerated damage to bridges and pavement fatigue as well as creating major traffic management problems to maintain safety and reduce congestion.    For truck operators, there are the combined challenges of reducing ever increasing fuel costs, maximising efficiency and profitability whilst maintaining safety.    For the truck drivers, they have the additional tasks of ensuring compliance with driver’s working hours regulations and finding appropriate, safe and secure overnight rest areas. 

Heavyroute is based on the belief that one major support for all three parties could come from the improvement in the generation and usage of maps for trucks in Europe.    The use of mapping systems based in satellite guidance has increased dramatically and is providing major benefits to professional drivers.  However there are many stories of drivers finding themselves on inappropriate routes for their vehicle.

 Working with all the major stakeholders,  the Heavyroute project will work to provide the tools, the systems and the data collection and interpretation processes that will effectively link Europe’s road infrastructure via electronic mapping systems to the truck operators and drivers.    This will provide a major boost to the efficiency, profitably and safety of the haulage sector whilst contributing to overall road safety and congestion and infrastructure asset management objectives.